Our products

Our products come in 0.2, 0.75, 3.0, 6.0 litre bottles, with possibility of engraving the company logotype and/or additional text on the bottle itself.

Wide choice decorative boxes (wooden, cardboard...) for the sparkling wines with various gift supplements (cigars, cristal glasses - Rogoška) and delicacy: caviar, goose liver, sweets, cheese...
Muscat semi-dry 0.75 L Green Sylvaner dry 0.75L Rheinriesling dry semi-dry 0.75L Rheinriesling dry 0.75L Golden sparkling wine Rheinriesling semi-dryi 0.75L Rheinriesling semi-dryi 0.2L Rheinriesling semi-dryi 3L, 6L
slika pjenušaca slika pjenušaca2
In all packages there can be bottles with custom etiquettes or engraving. Lux boxes are hand made, made from top quality bookbinding materials.

 komplet1 komplet2
Golden sparkling wine protected by the institute for intellectual property as the first Croatian sparkling wine with leaves of 24 carat gold. The production procedure is very special and long, and because of the special filling method many years of experienca are necessary.
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