Favory No.1

Many years of experience in running the well known "Favory" restaurant, owned by family Šuk, Stubička Slatina, established in 1989, have resulted in opening the catering and party service company "Favory", owned by Tomislav Šuk, and a few years later in the production of sparkling wine by "Favory No. 1", owned by Inga Šuk Škudar.

"Favory" was named after the famous stallion of the Đakovo stables "Favory Allegro" whose portrait can be found on the sparkling wine etiquettes. The sparkling wines "Favory No.1" are produced out of high quality wines from the famous Štrigova vineyards in northwestern Croatia. Long history of wine-growing and constant cellarage technology advancement have lead to the production of high quality wines whose features, scent, aroma, freshness and color, are best characterized in the sparkling wines "Favory No. 1".
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Free delivery throughout the Zagreb county.
Organization of wine cellar visit and sparkling wine presentation and tasting, viewing of our oldtimer and carriages collection.
Orders and informations: ++385 1 049 274 246, ++385 1 049 274 290, fax: ++385 1 049 274 290
DKW 1936.g. MERCEDES 400K 1924.g.
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